Katy Jobbins, Multi-Award Winning Industry Expert, Author, Founder & Head Trainer of the Permanent Makeup Training Academy.

Myths Lies & Products Ties in Permanent Makeup

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Sadly it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the permanent makeup industry. Unfortunately, far too many technicians reach out to me from all over the world to tell me that they paid a small fortune to their training provider, only to be left feeling completely unconfident, unsupported and inadequately equipped to go out and perform…

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Welcome to Katy Jobbins Masterclass

Welcome to Katy Jobbins Masterclass H ey you, hello and welcome. I have created the Katy Jobbins Masterclass for anyone in the permanent makeup industry, that like myself may have struggled with the basics and gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle. In the early days, I found performing the treatments not at all…