Unlock the 3 most powerful elements To Success.

I’m talking about what will ‘make’ or ‘break’ your permanent makeup career.

BTW this Masterclass is about Results NOT just theory.

Award Winning Mentorship In-Permanent-Makeup

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the permanent makeup industry. Day After Day, I See Well Intended Permanent Makeup Artists Performing Inadequate Treatments On Their Clients.

Just because they didn’t know any better And they couldn’t find access to the training, the support, and the mentorship that they need In this industry.

Not All Unicorns & Rainbows In Permanent Makeup

You just have to google permanent makeup to see the mixed bag of results out there. The problem is too common. It usually stems from rushed training, because technicians are crammed into a large group of students (who each had different backgrounds and skill levels) and they felt they were lacking the attention they needed.

Sadly in the world of permanent makeup training, there are not enough trainers who’ve ran a hugely successful permanent makeup businesses for themselves, and too many trainers ARE simply showing you how to work the machine.

They felt very intimidated to ask a question again for fear of looking stupid. With the lack of support after their training, these students head over to permanent makeup forums which spirals the confusion even further. They leave there feeling more confused by the different methods and conflicting opinions than before they logged on.

Permanent Makeup Training Company Unavailable
Every time they call their training company for support, the trainer was either freelance, so no longer works there, or they end up buying lots of new inks and needles and still did not get their questions answered.

Trial and error is way too scary when it comes to working on someones face, and retraining becomes too expensive when they’ve already spent 10’s of thousands of pounds and feel like they’ve failed miserably. Sadly through no fault of their own they lose the support of partners and friends who tell them that maybe they’re just not cut out for permanent makeup.

Potential clients that come in for consultations can literally smell fear and they find themselves intentionally putting them off the treatment because they’re too afraid to do it. Overnight they’ve become the sales prevention team. Scared to market their services properly, they just plod along. Adrift in the world, simply taking whatever comes their way.

Sound at all familiar? I felt exactly the same when I first started out and have retrained hundreds that feel like that too, so you’re in good company.

Shall we just start over? I’m a great believer that no experience is ever wasted. There’s nothing that has ever happened to you, or will ever happen to you that was not there to make you more of who you were meant to be. Nothing.

Declutter Your Permanent Makeup Mind

I’ll help you de-clutter your mind, simplify your process enough so that you feel confident to do things your way. I’ll help you correct your technical mistakes before they become habits.

Ive spent the last 10+ years creating … shortcuts, hacks, blueprints and through trial and error I have systemised and streamlined difficult technical treatments so that you’ll get the same beautiful, natural results day after day, client after client.

These 3 Pillars of Permanent Success Will Provide The Solid Foundation To Creating Your Dream Permanent Makeup Business

Here I’ll reveal to you the reasons why some technicians become so successful … It’s because they do things differently.

Success Pillar #1

Confident in Permanent Makeup

Simplify Your Permanent Makeup Procedures …


You’ll gain complete confidence in your simplified permanent makeup procedures…

I will give you a loose framework in how to create great permanent makeup, and you can leave enough of an open door to make your own art.

With my simple step by step methods I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can pick it up, even if you currently find yourself putting clients off because you lack confidence.

Success Pillar #2

Price & Package Your Permanent Makeup

Attract Your Dream Clients …


You’ll know how to package and price your permanent makeup services for success …

I’ll show you exactly how to package and price your permanent makeup services for success with emotional branding that will attract your dream clients, those you most like to work with.

I’ll even show you how to also repel the nightmare ones.

Success Pillar #3

Raving Fan Permanent Makeup Clients

Create a Raving Fan Culture …


Your clients will recommend you to everyone they know …

I’ll teach you how to turn all of your happy clients into ‘raving fans’ and get as many referrals as you can possibly handle…

You’ll study the lost art of incredible customer service, your clients will never want to go anywhere else again and will recommend you to everyone they know.

Multi-Award Winning Industry Expert Reveals All Of Her Permanent Makeup Secrets ...

Here's 5 Things I Learned About Creating Success In Permanent Makeup

My Story …

So many see me as this enigma or guru, but I’m just a girl who spent the first half of my life trying to overcome that little voice inside my head, the one that told me that “success was not for me”, that it was for other people, for that girl over there – because she’s beautiful or because she has a degree, or for her over there because she’s from the right family.

Permanent Makeup Success Is It For Me

I know now, that success is for ANYONE who wants it enough and is willing to do the work.

I wanted to prove that if a girl like me could become successful then absolutely anyone could do it, with the right tools, the right mentor, and that feeling deep down in the pit of your stomach that you’re capable of amazing things.
Now the rest of my life is dedicated to helping others do the same… it’s my way of giving back for what I have. I’m all about one person helping another at every possible opportunity.

Empowering people is my game. It’s that simple to me, and it might not change the world, but it could change your world.

Starting Out in Permanent Makeup

Even from a young age I’ve always believed that we only rise by lifting others, and for me, business is such a personal thing. I left home at 16, it was clear to me from a very young age that, for better or worse, I’d make my own way.

The school of life as they call it, but you know what? I’m so grateful and I wouldn’t change a thing, because quite often, it’s in that desperate, nothing-to-lose state, that we are at our most creative… I’m going to teach you exactly how I did what I did, how I turned my life around in such a short space of time and created the life and the business of my dreams.

In my Masterclass, I’m talking about what makes success happen?’… All those elusive ingredients that we all want to touch, because we know that it too exists within us.

Maybe you can’t articulate what you are feeling but you can point to people who have it.

Warning: This valuable information is NOT FOR EVERYONE. There’s a small handful of people that it will not work for.

Before you invest just check them out as they’re deal breakers to achieving success…

Who Is It For

Who’s this for? …

Who Is It For

Who it’s not for? …

This information will not work if you don’t believe its possible, or if you only want to do 1 small thing and hope it will change everything.

While I have laboured at my trusty laptop for hundreds (even thousands) of hours to produce the contents contained in this masterclass Series, what I am about to reveal was discovered not by me alone.

After all, for me to be in this privileged position, to share all of these incredible insights with you, I first had to travel around the world and spend a small fortune in order to learn from the best Myself.

I have spent hundreds of hours traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New York and all over the UK. Over the last decade our team of experts have pooled their expertise have combined their talents and taken great pains to simplify your entire learning process.

It’s never been easier for you to join the ranks of a very select group of highly skilled, confident and successful technicians. I too have done the work, I’ve put in the hours and I’ve done what every great student does… I have vigorously studied, I have practiced, I have read the books, I’ve listened to the audios and watched the videos and then:

Positive Impact In Permanent Makeup

I implemented what I learnt from the experts. I have tested and measured the success of every student I have ever trained and mentored over the last 10+ years.

Through this, I have developed a tool kit of practical steps that any artist, wanting to gain more confidence in their technique and create their dream permanent makeup business can use.

From incredible permanent makeup trainers, to my wonderful students, to business leaders to the most inspirational philosophers I could have ever hoped to have met.

Every one of them has, without realising it, had the most profound and transformative impact on my life. I’m eternally grateful to them for revealing their knowledge and secrets and I’d like to pay it forward.

My highest intention with the Katy Jobbins Masterclass Series is to empower you with step-by-step, proven systems for gaining technical confidence, creating an incredible customer experience, delivering you endless permanent makeup recommendations.

Yes… more permanent makeup clients than you’ll ever need.

Imagine what it would be like if…

You Will Be 100% Configent in all your Permanent Makeup Treatments
Work Only On Your Dream Clients
Get as many recommendations as you can handle
Work in your dream clinic

Imagine If You Had Instant Access To The Best of The Best Permanent Makeup Tips, Tricks & Trade Secrets ...

Katy Jobbins Masterclass iPhone Graphic

Imagine An Expert Would Answer All of your permanent makeup questions, like:

And So Many More. All the answers are in here for you to discover…

TIP#1:– Quite literally in permanent makeup: The more you learn – the more you earn. Using your Katy Jobbins Masterclass ‘How to’ videos and step-by-step cheat sheets, you’ll become a more confident artist. Days from now you’ll be able create better, more natural and longer lasting permanent makeup results for your clients. And guess what, your clients will pay you more if you have a higher level of expertise, skill and confidence in what you can do for them.

The key to realising your dreams is not to focus purely on your own success, but on your significance to others. On what you can do to help people. With that slight tweak in perspective you’ll do things differently and I’ll show you exactly how.

You don’t realise it yet, but by the time you’ve finished devouring every series within your Katy Jobbins masterclass, you will know more about permanent makeup than 95% of other artists out there

This Masterclass delivers 100% on its promise. Every idea you’re about to have has been tested and proven to deliver results – time after time…

You Know More Then Most In Permanent Makeup

I’ll meet you right where you’re at and build with you. I have the experience, the specialist know-how.

If you follow my formulas you too will turn your permanent makeup business around and they’ll work like they have for so many of my students that I have trained and mentored over the years.

I just need to make one very important point. Even if you are only interested in specific sections of this Masterclass…Read every part, word for word. Fill in the worksheets, watch every video. There’s an abundance of ideas that are relevant to every permanent makeup artist who buys exclusive access.

I have to tell you that it’s not a perfectly polished product. When I write and when I talk in my Masterclass videos, I have a down to earth, pull no punches, straight forward approach. I don’t have a PhD in English, so if you are looking for perfect prose – then you’ll find this a nightmare. But if you’re looking for rock solid information that can make your clients line up and practically beg you for permanent makeup appointments… then you have come to the exact right place.

Creating the business of your dreams will ultimately give you more time to do the things you love to do

to spend more time with your friends and family; to go on amazing holidays and hang out with the people that you love most, or simply just buy all the amazing shoes (if you’re anything like me).

Your Permanent Makeup Clients Response

Implement these secrets and enjoy the benefits because, it doesn’t matter where you are right now, or what background you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.

There will be no hit or miss about it, your clients response will be as predictable to you as the sun rises every single day. I know what trips students up.

I’ve created, trialed, refined, streamlined and saved my very best working solutions, I’ve adopted techniques into my teaching to increase your recall and lower your forgetting curve.


Sneak-Peeks of What you’ll receive when you purchase the Katy Jobbins masterclass series

Katy Jobbins Permanent Makeup Masterclass Bundle

TIP#2: Using your printable worksheets to write compelling content for your clients, you can easily add your own tone, voice and messaging and make it you own. I’ll teach you to make decisions in your branding that support your self image, self esteem and self worth. My goal is to inspire you to attract your ‘dream clients’. If I can stimulate the curiosity within you, you’ll get there so much faster under your own steam!

You’ll instantly gain exclusive access …


Here is something others trainers just don’t have.

My students have dubbed this collection of e-books “client magnets” because when you learn for yourself how to attract your dream clients, only to do the work that you most want to create, you know how to elevate your ‘client experience’ by surprising and delighting them clients at every turn, you’ll be unstoppable, the recommendations will keep pouring in.


Boost your permanent makeup business by 1000% and turn your clients into raving fans.

And much much more …

TIP#3: Using your branding and colour masterclasses, you can easily choose your perfect colour scheme to create an inspiring and professional brand. Your perfect palette can be used on just about everything from your business card, your permanent makeup clinic, your price lists and posters. Pair that scheme with the right messaging and you’ll create your dream permanent makeup business that is a reflection of you and what you stand for.


You Can Make These Blueprints Your Own, Instantly Incorporate Them Into Your Own Permanent Makeup Clinic!

Do you know why my business & mentoring students love me? Because they get all these ready-made templates, blue prints, hacks and cheat sheets to follow. It’s quite frankly the world’s easiest permanent makeup training and mentoring. You can customise your branding, pricing, procedures and ‘perfect clients’, how much you work and earn, is up to you.

Did you know that your earliest interactions with your ‘dream clients’ are one of the biggest secret’s to success in permanent makeup? And what is the best way to start a conversation with them?… with Katy Jobbins Masterclass content writing blue prints. You’ll get my help with everything from your permanent makeup elevator pitch, how to write engaging content, who you’re writing it for and exactly when to put it out there…

Katy Jobbins Masterclass Permanent Makeup Printable Worksheets

Katy Jobbins Masterclass Permanent Makeup Printable Worksheets

And much much more …

TIP#4: Using your 12 months social media content planner, you’ll always know exactly what to write about and when to post it. You’ll learn how to engage and educate your potential clients. As an artist, potential clients want your help deciding who’s best for the job. So whilst everyone else is protective over what they do and how they do it… ‘the more you tell the more you sell’. You’ll be positioning yourself as the expert in your local area.


These 12 series katy jobbins masterclass videos, ebooks, exclusive, Secrets, tips, tricks and hacks, knowledge, blueprints, cheat sheets and printable worksheets and templates

(That would take you hundreds of hours, thousands of air miles to acquire this specialist knowledge, including 2 malaria jabs and a translator, and tens of thousands of pounds in training to gain this knowledge first hand)

20+ Masterclass Blogs With Proven Methods To Help You Expand Your Permanent Makeup Business

Here is just a fraction of what you will get access to …

And much, much more …

TIP#5: Using your ‘How to’ Masterclass videos, you’ll put your clients at ease with your beautifully inspiring client paperwork templates. Simply drag and drop your own images, fonts and colour scheme and you have your own uniquely designed branding at only a fraction of the price you would pay a professional designer. All the hard work is done for you by me and my team of experts.


Created for technicians, by technicians… I’ve carefully selected the most frequently asked questions by permanent makeup artists for you and turned them into helpful videos…

And there will be more, so put your requests in for me to answer and create new ones.

These helpful, easy to understand and inspirational explainer videos are guaranteed to increase your confidence in your permanent makeup abilities


You can easily take these techniques and mould them into your own style. After all, it’s your work and you can put your own stamp on it.

Once you know how to choose the correct colours, create very soft and transparent shading without any patches, and a strong and striking colour, you’ll be able to create everything in between, from ombre, combined effect of micro blading and soft powder. With my simple step-by-step explainers, doing the treatment is the easy part!

Katy Jobbins video montage

160+ Masterclass Videos Helping You Master & Simplify The Technical Side Of Permanent Makeup, With Step By Step Guidance

Here are just some of the areas covered in this extensive online library of permanent makeup techniques.

And much, much more …

TIP#6: Reading your ‘Price and Value e-book’, you’ll learn the interesting psychology of pricing in permanent makeup. Your printable worksheets will guide you on ‘how to price and package your own services for success’. Finding your ‘perfect price point’ will not only help you reach your dream clients (the ones you personally like to work on) but repel the nightmare ones that are going to micromanage you and never be happy.


You’ll use these clever little cheat sheets as quick ‘reference’

Whenever you feel the need to “Check-in” that you are doing the right thing, that something is ‘normal’, or you just want to double check your next step. It’s kind of like having me at the side of you while you are working on your client. Between you and me, cheat sheets have been one of my greatest secrets in learning and keeping my s**t together at the exact same time.

Buy Today And You Will Get All Of The These Included


And so much more…

TIP#7: Get inspired fast with your mini masterclass blog series. You’ll learn from an expert how to bring your unique vision to life, exactly how to control your perfectionism and what to do in those times when you have an empty diary. Incredibly valuable tips, hacks and secrets to help you create momentum and develop your uniqueness as a permanent makeup artist. The more I can stimulate your curiosity within you, you’ll be able to research these topics more deeply on your own.


Instill confidence and excitement into your permanent makeup treatments by using these “done for you” client consultation forms.

Still includes all the pre-treatment questions you’ll need to know, but presented in a less traditionally terrifying way. Having luxury paperwork will elevate your branding, client experience, and ensures your treatment gets off to a brilliant start. (All completely customisable so you can add in questions and drag and drop your own colour scheme and branding pictures – includes a helpful video on how to customise the forms).

Consent form templates

TIP#8: The more you earn, the more people you can help. When you hit your own personal targets of financial success you can consider pro bono work. You can join the elite artists from all over the world. They’re are out there using their skills and talents to help people with cancer, burns, alopecia or facial disfigurements out of the goodness of their heart. ‘Pay with a smile treatments’ can be an emotionally rewarding way to give back for some of the financial success you have been able to obtain with Katy Jobbins Masterclass. Expert secrets to achieving your dreams, I believe we all get to create our own reality, and in a world where you can be anything, be kind.


Create A Buzz & Stand out From All The Others by using these “done for you” Impressive Price Lists.

Having luxury price lists will elevate your branding, client experience, and ensures you’re standing out from the crowd. (All completely customisable so you can add in questions and drag and drop your own colour scheme and branding pictures – includes a helpful video on how to customise the price lists using Canva templates.)

Price List Montage

TIP#: 9
The cost of this Masterclass should all tax deductible because it’s a business and marketing expense. Just check with your accountant that it should come off your pre tax profits.


Masterclass Certificate Montage

“What Katy Does … The Transference Is Life-Changing”

Watch what Katy’s student has to say about her methods ….

Power Up Your Permanent Makeup Business With The Ultimate Advantage. The Best Training There is just became available, affordable & instantly accessible …


Get Instant Access Today …

Please Select Your Payment  Option Below to Receive Instant Access To Your Katy Jobbins Masterclass Online Package Which Includes: 160 Permanent Makeup Masterclass Videos, 12 Permanent Makeup E-Books, 150 Pages of Printable Worksheets, 18 Permanent Makeup Masterclass Blogs, 15 Technical Permanent Makeup Cheat Sheets,  Plus Editable Permanent Makeup Medical History, Client Consent & Aftercare Forms (the non scary versions), Editable Price Lists, Certificate, Use of the Logo & Much, Much More …



Single Payment to Katy Jobbins Masterclass


£1597 Inclusive of VAT


You Get Instant Life Time Access To The Entire Online Katy Jobbins Masterclass Series Plus All New Content I Add Over The Years For FREE!


3 Payments to Katy Jobbins Masterclass


£597 Inclusive of VAT


You Get Instant Life Time Access To The Entire Online Katy Jobbins Masterclass Series Plus All New Content I Add Over The Years For FREE, But Break Your Payment Down Into Three Easy Payments.

TIP#10: As a permanent makeup artist, one of my fundamental teachings is that you ‘are not for everyone’, and that’s ok. In fact it’s perfect because, the more you adopt your truest nature and infuse this into your branding, the more like minded ‘dream’ clients you will draw to your permanent makeup clinic. ‘Dream clients’ love everything that you do and how you do it. They empower you to work in your personal zone of genius (the things you do the absolute best, with the least amount of effort). It’s one of the most freeing things you’ll ever learn in business and in life, I’ll share with you how to find ‘your tribe’ and create ‘raving fan’ clients.

What Would Be Possible If...

...You Were 100% Confident

Confident in Permanent Makeup

You’ve Simplified Your Permanent Makeup Procedures …

You’ll Be 100% confident in your procedures

You’ll gain complete confidence in your simplified permanent makeup procedures …

Katy has been training the K I S S method in permanent makeup with great success over the last decade. With the Katy Jobbins Masterclass you’ll gain instant access to all her tried and tested permanent makeup cheat sheets, over 160 masterclass videos that you can watch from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

I will give you a loose framework in how to create great permanent makeup, and you can leave enough of an open door to make your own art.

... You Had A Trusted Name & Reputation

Price & Package Your Permanent Makeup

You’re Always Attracting Your Dream Clients …

You’ll quickly BUILD Your BRAND

Take a shortcut to being everywhere, all the time …

When your potential clients are searching google for permanent makeup, you are there with enjoyable, trustworthy and addictive permanent make up content every single time.

I’ll show you exactly how to package and price your permanent makeup services for success with emotional branding that will attract your dream clients.

I’ll even show you how to also repel the nightmare ones.

... Every Client Recommended You

Raving Fan Permanent Makeup Clients

You’re Contiunally Building a Raving Fan Culture …

You’ll attract MORE of your ‘dream’ Client’s

And they will be recommending their mums, sisters and friends too …

In Katy Jobbins Masterclass I’ll teach you how to turn all of your happy clients into ‘raving fans’ and get as many referrals as you can possibly handle…

You’ll study the lost art of incredible customer service. Your clients will never want to go anywhere else again and will recommend you to everyone they know.

You’ll continually feel  Inspired and motivated. I will show you how I create momentum.

Your declarations, intentions and visions will all begin to line up. All you have to do is create that new reality for yourself

 I’ve been there, in your shoes and built my dream permanent makeup business with great success. I’m just here to help you pull it off quicker, more effortlessly and in your own unique style.

With the Katy Jobbins Masterclass at the tip of your fingers, you’ll now see your challenges in your business as little gifts that force you to grow. You’ll find all the answers, you’ll find a new centre of gravity. Don’t waste your energy getting worried that you’re not good enough. Just find new ways of doing things. Find tried and tested formulas that actually work.

I’ve carefully selected the most frequently asked technical questions by permanent makeup artists and turned them into helpful videos for you… and there will be more, put your requests in for me to create. My own path to success is always under construction too.

I’ll empower you to create your own art. You can easily make these techniques your own style. It’s your work and you can put your own stamp on it.

Once you know how to choose the correct colours, create very soft and transparent shading without any patches, and a strong and striking colour, you’ll be able to create everything in between, from ombre, combined effect of micro blading and soft powder, with my simple step-by-steps, doing the treatment is the easy part!

This training is like nothing that you’ve ever seen before!…

I’ll Help You:

TIP#10: One of the most powerful ways to build trust and create a ‘raving fan culture’ is to offer your potential clients useful, valuable permanent makeup information for free on your social media, your permanent makeup website and your price list and business cards. I’ll show you exactly how you can do that

This valuable information has transformed the lives of hundreds of permanent makeup artists around the world

Katy Jobbins Masterclass has turned their confusion to clarity and created more inspired, confident and successful technicians.

Who Created all of This Amazing learning material for me?

Katy Jobbins Permanent Makeup Master Class pic

Katy Jobbins, Multi Award Winning Industry Expert, Author, Founder & Head Trainer of the Permanent Makeup Training Academy & Creator of the Katy Jobbins Permanent Makeup Masterclass

You Need To Start Creating The Highest, Grandest Vision For Your Life …

… Watch This Video!


Awards &




Video Reviews





Books, eBooks &


Katy helped shape the growth of the permanent makeup industry

And why she can help you too …

I Love To Empower People in Business

Because I know first hand that creating a successful business is ‘the great neutraliser’ in life … If you've not had a great life, you can change your life by starting a business and making it everything you ever wanted. You can either use your energy to get upset, or use it as a fuel, as a driver to propel you forward and create a life for yourself and your family that you could have only ever dreamed of.

My Obsession

I’m obsessed with creating the next generation of permanent makeup artists. My intention is to help you become the best permanent makeup artist that you can be. I’ve packaged up my entire success journey and the process I went through into small manageable steps for you to follow. When you train with me, don’t think about the cheapest way to do it, or the fastest way to do it. Think ‘whats the most amazing way to do it?’.

It's All Here, Training Made Easy

Manuals, blogs and e-books written in plain English with straight forward illustrations, jargon free, a streamlined approach. So advanced, it's actually simple. Your goals are my goals. I enjoy taking mindbogglingly complicated permanent makeup procedures and business strategies breaking them down, making them simple, step by step, easy to follow and practically foolproof.

Watch Katy’s Inspirational Personal Story

How I Got Started In Permanent Makeup

Quoted by the Guild news as “The place to go for anyone thinking of entering the industry”.

As Featured In … Many Local and National Newspapers/Magazines & on Prime Time National TV.​


Success Is Not Just About Your Own Achievements, It’s About Who You Lift Up Along The Way.


Katy with Masterclass Student Vanessa:
“I can’t thank you enough. I have learnt so much from you and you have given me all the tools and knowledge to learn so much more. I’m really excited about my future.”


Why do my students travel from as far as Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, South Africa, Russia and Thailand when they could just train locally?

There’s a reason they travel so far and become so successful. It’s because the learn to do things differently:

And the ones who’d trained elsewhere? how do they become successful?

They become successful because they change their approach, they learn what works best, what grabs the attention of their dream clients… they keep going until they find a winning formula because they understand a little progress each day adds up to big results, and if you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself from the ones who’d already trained elsewhere….

Click the video below to see what Katy’s student Jan had to say about her methods ….

If You Want To See Even More Results Check Out The Video Below …

Meet Nadine From Channel 5’s Wealth Divide Documentary, Rich House Poor House …

When Katy swapped lives with Nadine who was a single mum in the bottom 10% of income earners in the UK, struggling to get by on just £86 per week for her and her son.  She was drowning in debt … that was until Katy trained her in permanent makeup which changed her life


“Nadine Represents Everything I Try To Say In All Of My Work” …

… That success is for anyone. Success is just a few simple disciplines you have to practice everyday

As Seen on Channel 5

Rich House Poor House – Laboutins & 20K In Debt

You can see the 1 Year later follow up show on Channel 5 Catch up Rich House Poor House Changed My Life – 1 Hour Special


Discover How Nadine Setup A Successful Permanent Makeup Business & Changed Her Life … Click the video below.

Click Below To See All Awards

I've Got A Few More Questions ...

Study this material from anywhere at any time. chip away in your spare time whilst the kids are in bed or immerse yourself day or night,… and enjoy the life changing results!

How do i use the Katy Jobbins Masterclass

Step 1. Watch the videos and take notes in how you can simplify your procedures, build trust and credibility with your clients and pull off amazing permanent makeup consultations that get you the client every time.

Step 2. Use the printable worksheets, blueprints, cheat sheets to help streamline and systemise your permanent makeup business.

Step 3. Immerse yourself in the permanent makeup e-books at your own leisure. You’ll gain inspiration and you’ll be able to harness the passion of one of the most influential permanent makeup artists on the planet.

Katy Jobbins Permanent Makeup Masterclass Bundle
Instantly benefit from industry experts secret hints, tips and hacks from around the world. Enjoy the results!

Start building your dream work / life balance life for you and your family today.  This price is the lowest it is ever likely to be, because as I continue to add more content and videos etc. the price will continue to rise.  Get it now at this price, and you will get all the future content for FREE!

Build your permanent makeup dreams

Create your own successful permanent makeup brand today. A brand your dream clients have been always been waiting for… and skyrocket your success!

Live out the highest expression of yourself and your business, This Katy Jobbins masterclass bundle is a part of our limited edition series and will not be available again for a long time.

Plus: If you buy today you will also get the limited FREE bonus gift worth £497 containing all of the following …

Katy Jobbins Permanent Makeup Masterclass 28 Tops FREE Gift.

It also includes …

Referrals ebook content

And you’ll also get …

Websites the sell Montage

And not forgetting …

Katy Branding Video

And don’t forget this all comes with a full 12 months money back guarantee …

Money Back Gauarantee for Katy Jobbins Masterclass

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

“If you don’t get double your money back in the next 12 months by following my direction and implementing my fool proof methods then you’ll get 100% of your investment back.” My money’s on you that with my help, you’ll nail it.

Katy Jobbins Permanent Makeup Masterclass Bundle

You will get instant access to world class information that cannot be bought anywhere else in the world

  • 160 Permanent Makeup Masterclass Videos,
  • 12 Permanent Makeup E-Books,
  • 150 Pages of Printable Worksheets,
  • 18 Permanent Makeup Masterclass Blogs,
  • 15 Technical Permanent Makeup Cheat Sheets,
  • Plus Editable Permanent Makeup Medical History, Client Consent & Aftercare Forms (the non scary versions),
  • & Much, Much More …

All this to inspire you, simplify your entire process and turn your permanent makeup confusion into clarity.

I’m not going to lie, it’s going to take you a while, but you can dip into these topics as and when you need them and come back and add more layers of detail as your understanding deepens.

How much time will it take

See your Katy Jobbins Masterclass as a lifetime companion. I’ll also be adding more as I learn new things. Everything I add over the years will be completely free once you have joined, so there’s no better time to purchase than right now.

I sometimes meet technicians who are struggling and they’re very reluctant to introduce additional systems into their daily lives, seems like a pain in the a**e. They see systems as over-complicating something they believe should be kept simple.

Stressing over permanent makeup

However, the word ‘simple’ is often the guiding light in what systemisation aims to do. Nobody wants to make their lives or businesses unnecessarily complicated – I have found that applying ‘proven systems’, ‘cheat sheets’ and ‘process improvements’ is a fundamental part of creating a streamlined, high-performing and inspirational permanent makeup business and will take all the stress away.

Here’s 7 things you’ll notice when you start to implement these valuable lessons into your work…

Rewards of implementing good advice

1. You’ll earn more money than you ever thought possible in less time

Most permanent makeup artists that I know keep track of where they’ve been losing money, and they do all they can to plug those gaps. But when it comes to time, they often have little or no idea where they are losing out.

Once they start learning ways to save time through systemising what they’re doing, they’re completely surprised at the amount of time wasting that’s been happening on a daily basis and all their self sabotaging excuses they’ve used to feel better about it.

Getting your s**t together requires a level of honesty with yourself. There’s nothing easy about realising that it’s you who’s been holding you back this whole time and that all it’s that lack of discipline (or systemising) which is in fact the answer to all of those why not me questions.

Permanent Makeup discipline

2. Your clients response will be as predictable to you as the sun rises everyday.

You’ll get the same quality results, day after day, across all of your efforts.

In permanent makeup, consistency is the key to whether or not your clients choose to come to you as their artist. If you can prove that you are able to create incredibly natural and predictable results over time, you will not only keep your regular clients happy, but you’ll attract more – and they will be able to make confident decisions around who they’re going to choose as there permanent makeup artist.

3. You’ll create an inspirational permanent makeup brand to attract only “ your dream” clients and repel the nightmare ones.

Blue prints, cheat-sheets and systems make it easier for you to be to be successful in your work. These hacks and tips also contribute to elevating your customers experience, turning them all into raving fans and advocates of your business. The more customers you can get out there with your amazing work, the more dream clients they will be attracting on your behalf.

Taking pride in good permanent makeup

You’ll be able to truly pride yourself on delivering a beautiful work, an incredible experience at a reassuringly higher price than your competition. A price, that clients will happily pay for your extra attention to details…

They say that over time your clients will forget what you said, they forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.

That feel good factor in your clinic…which is what you get when your processes are so systemised that the end result is the same beautiful and natural work, regardless of who you’re working on and what style they choose to have you create and in an amazing atmosphere.

4. You’ll grow your clientele, your fees and portfolio effortlessly and without the usual chaos.

Grow your permanent makeup business

Many permanent makeup artists only know how to operate as a small business. Once they start looking at growing and expanding, they suddenly realise that their operations are too restrictive. They just can’t scale up.

This can cause the growth process to stall and the technician to lose out on huge, life changing opportunities that are right in front of them. When I work with technicians, I stretch their mind, help them to ‘think big’ even when they’re just little old them – there are systems they can create to travel to multiple clinics and service 10 times more clients by working with like minded people and doing joint ventures.

5. You’ll create an atmosphere for innovation, inspiration and creativity

The process of systemisation what you do and how you do it becomes a catalyst for improvements across your entire permanent makeup business.

Once you start discovering ways to streamline your permanent makeup procedures, this can trigger a wave of ideas for what you can do to systemise your client experience and make it stand out from all the other artists. Also, when you’re are able to save time and effort in their daily chores, you will be able to focus more on innovation and brand building.

A wave of permanent makeup ideas

6. You can also use these lessons to systemise every and any element of your work and business.

Where your intention goes, energy flows, no matter which part of your permanent makeup business you focus on; still, the main drivers behind your improvements remain the same. You want to live out your highest potential as a permanent makeup artist, to be recognised for the quality of work you do and the service you offer, you want to help more people, change more lives and make more money in less time.

7. You’ll know your improvement areas and get to work immediately… it’s addictive when you see the results pay off, you wont be able to stop yourself.

You may already have some tasks in mind that you find yourself doing daily or weekly, which could be made simpler or faster – or perhaps even be removed altogether.

Clear understanding in permanent makeup

Hopefully you will also have a clear understanding of why improving your processes makes good business sense, and can improve both profitability and output quality. This is a great foundation for starting a systemisation project!
Get started today.

I’ve worked with so many permanent makeup artists and amazingly inspiring entrepreneurs, I’ve helped them identify their potential for saving time and making more money as well as equipping them for massive growth.

You’ll be able to access your videos & content as soon as you buy.

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This is a one-off payment for life time access. Beware this is the lowest price this will ever be as the content will continue to expand and the price is likely to rise as and when we do so, but you will not pay any more. Get in early and your future self will thank you for it. 

Masterclass one time payment for life

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

You’ll learn how get back your most precious resource…Time

You'll get back time

Managing your time is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. If you know that half of your permanent makeup marketing is working, but you just don’t know which half then I have the answers. 

Katy Jobbins Masterclass will take you through the more efficient systems, the things that are working for you, the things that you need to do more of, it can give you so much of your most precious commodity (time) back.

Your Masterclasses include proven systems. Systems, that I’ve broken down into processes, that you can easily handle. It cuts down all of your trial and errors that take time away from the more important, brand building work.

1. You’ll learn one of the fundamental building blocks of creating your dream vision. I’ve helped hundreds of permanent makeup artist’s systemise their business better.

2. You’ll reduce painful, costly and time consuming permanent makeup mistakes.

Reduce permanent makeup mistakes

I spent too many years learning and perfecting my own permanent makeup systems before I went on to teach others how they could not only tattoo peoples faces really well, but also how to run a very successful permanent makeup business of their own. Running over 50 permanent makeup clinics myself, I had to use systems and I can tell you something, I’m so glad I spent so many years perfecting my system first before teaching 400 other students how.

If you look closely enough, it’s easy to see how some business systems work, such as when you shop at a supermarket, or buy online and receive the product days later, or when you eat in a restaurant or when you pay for a subscription service.

But you are also surrounded by less obvious systems, which much of the time we call routines, such as when getting ready for work or getting the kids ready for school. And these systems are broken down into processes such as in the way we shower, clean our teeth, choose our outfit and so on.

These systems and processes almost always work – you don’t ever forget to clean you teeth and you rarely put your bra on the wrong way round. I’ll show you how to break down what you need to do into processes that are easy to understand, learn and remember.

Using my meticulously crafted Katy Jobbins Masterclass step-by-step process shows you exactly how to prepare for your permanent makeup client, how to perform the procedure and how to present and deliver her aftercare advice in a non-scary way.

Consent form templates

Even something as simple as choosing the correct needle for the clients skin type and the effect you’re trying to create can cause confusion and stress you out, even before you’ve started working that’s only if you don’t know the exact steps to take with a client who wants really natural soft powder effect and she is elderly.

That’s why you see so many variables in permanent makeup and why when you get onto permanent makeup Facebook forums you feel even worse… because it’s information overload and it’s all conflicting.

I’ve spent years creating cheat sheets to ensure your process flows, these can dramatically reduce the uncertainty of how to perform your permanent makeup procedures and they prevent any mistakes that could result in distraught clients, embarrassed technicians, costly, time consuming and painful laser removal treatments.

Whatever your favourite type of permanent makeup procedure may be, breaking your repetitive techniques down into step-by-step processes will reduce the number of mistakes and the high cost damage that can result from lack of clarity.

15 Permanent Makeup Cheat Sheets

3. Your Cheat Sheets will ensure that you maintain effortlessly high and consistent standards across all of your clients

A system has inputs and expected outputs. If what goes in is the same and the processes that work on those inputs work as they should, then what comes out will be of a consistent standard.

4. The magic happens when you’re working in your personal zone of genius, when you work only on your dream clients, doing the things you do best…

The magic happens in permanent makeup

Have you noticed that when you’re deeply engrossed in something, that not a lot else gets in? I get like that when watching an amazing documentary on someone inspiring – my husband can say something to me but unless he literally shouts my name, much of what he says is completely lost to me. (And no, it’s not selective hearing.)

It’s the same with a permanent makeup procedure that requires your undivided attention. It’s like your brain has pulled down blinds on everything but the client. You are in that zone, time flies by un-noticed and nothing else gets in.

But if they become easier, more in the subconscious, off by heart, do it with you’re eyes closed then there becomes a point where it doesn’t require your full attention your mind can drift off and creative thoughts have a chance to form and develop. You get more inspired when you’re not feeling the nerves.

Time fly's by in permanent makeup

I’ve had some of my most creative moments when I’m working on my clients, like how I could create systems and cheat sheets and Masterclasses for students to access on their phones to help them create a fun and exciting business in permanent makeup, and before I knew it, I looked down at my client and had created some of the most incredible eyebrows, almost like I was on autopilot because I know it so inside out and back to front.

When you know what you’re doing, (like driving a car, you don’t need to think about when to change gear or that a red light means stop) you give it just enough attention (and are ready for anything untoward happening) and your mind thinks about other exciting things.

When your permanent makeup business is well systemised, you have all your cheat sheets and you know how to handle just about every problem that crops up, you have more time to be creative and you can think about new and better ways to elevate your services, the little things that really matter to your client, the things that differentiate you from your competitors and the things that are going to get you referral after referral after referral.

And because you now know what you need to do, and how to do it you can let your mind drift and allow your creative juices to flow. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. I like that.

5. Keep moving forward when you create an atmosphere of flow state…

Create an atmosphere for success in permanent makeup

Your permanent makeup business will flow like a river. Your efforts will keep paying off, smoothly from one cause and effect, effortlessly from one stage to the next because you’ll not only be inspired but you’ll be carried through each stage by tried and tested blueprints that work for me and have worked for hundreds of other permanent makeup artists around the world.

It is this flow state that ensures your vision is happening for you, and it is this flow that will show you exactly where you are and any course corrections you need to make to what you’ve already been doing.

Get this flow exactly right – get these Katy Jobbins Masterclass blueprints and processes working well together and you will see your business have a momentum like it’s never had before. And keeping this momentum going is one of the most essential parts to building an incredible success story. Your success story.

6. You’ll feel my support, I want for you what I want for myself.

In my early days as a permanent makeup artist, I did my training course and then I was set loose… “off you go”. And then what??? I just felt completely adrift in the world. That’s why I created this Masterclass really, it’s what I really felt I needed but there was no such thing around like this. Only permanent makeup forums but to be honest when I left them I felt more confused than before I logged in and these technicians had no authority, there answers were kind, but just felt like guess work.

Feel support in permanent makeup

Most permanent makeup artists struggle and quit because they don’t have the support from their trainers, or have never been taught these 3 essential pillars, these systems and processes are building blocks to your permanent makeup success. If you don’t put them in place, you’ll spend all your time reacting to the demands of difficult clients and on panicking where the next client is going to come from, you’ll be forever putting out fires and sorting out problems, you wont have the time and information to grow and evolve in the way you know you’re capable of.

Building your dream permanent makeup business that fits around your perfect lifestyle needs a clear plan, needs you spending time, thought and energy on it.

That’s not going to happen if you’re too busy panicking and trying to keep your sinking ship afloat.

Established, trialed and tested, successful systems and processes, will free up time enough to be able to work ‘on’ your business not ‘in’ it and would take your permanent makeup business to the next level.

7. Increased value as a celebrated permanent makeup artist. Your clients perception is reality..

Increased value in permanent makeup

How much do you think your time and skill is worth? Finger in the air, say £50 less than your competition because she’s been doing it longer or has a better website and branding? What does that make your value?

If the business relies on you to do all the procedures and without you trying to constantly get the next client it will not work the way you had always envisioned, then if you want to retire on your hard earned millions, enjoy your dream house and lifestyle on some exotic beach you’re in for a shock and a huge disappointment.

For you as a technician to be attractive to a dream client and assuming you don’t want to carry on working 10 hour days, 6 days a week for the rest of your life, then you must work on it – it must work as an efficient and highly profitable system.

8. To build wealth…. You must become the expert.

That’s just a few small reasons why getting expert help from Katy Jobbins Masterclass and systemising your business so that it runs effortlessly is so important.

Becoming the permanent makeup expert

I could have listed so many more like the…

Confidence and motivation you and any your potential clients, will gain from achieving such high standards of work day-in and day-out;
Pride in yourself and sense of purpose that comes from delivering high quality and life changing services to your lovely clients;
Excitement to think up and develop new and innovative ways to elevate and differentiate your permanent makeup services;
Clarity will replace your confusion that comes from being able to charge more for better treatments, creating for yourself, more time to step away and create an exciting plan of action, that will take your permanent makeup business to the next level;
Be the creme de la creme of artists – the leader in your local area you’ll identify your business and lifestyle visions and keep on course to it every step of the way;
You’ll know how to create a working environment for success to happen, you’ll learn everything needed to build an extraordinary permanent makeup clinic that is better than any you dreamed, even if you only have a shoestring budget.

When was the last time you experienced business déjà vu?

Yes your permanent makeup business is unique, but like myself and all the other successful permanent makeup artists that I mentor, you too, have tasks in our daily operations as a permanent makeup artist that you return to again and again – each time you must be thinking “there must be a better way to do this”.

Will this work for me

And the truth is that a large proportion of your everyday ‘process’ can be massively simplified, streamlined or even completely automated. For example, I have two students of mine that have an incredibly busy permanent makeup clinic. They have built up a clientele of dream clients, created an atmosphere of success, have a 12 month social media plan to save time and a website that really works at building trust and converting clients.

I’ll give you an example… they now save hundreds of hours per year in consultations and missed appointments with systems I’ve taught them. They use every Wednesday to send out their patch tests all at once for the clients of both technicians. once you build these systems, life gets easier.

Life gets easier

If they were not confident in their technique, they wouldn’t be confident on their social media, they wouldn’t have great pictures and they wouldn’t have the trust of their clients so they’d be working much harder for each client, having to spend 20 minutes at least in each consultation and patch test.

They’ve built so much trust that their clients don’t feel the need for their consultation because the quality is evident, they simply pay a £50 deposit, then get a call to book them in and get a patch test through the post to make sure there are no allergies. They run their business like a dream saving so much time and effort (with a patch test already completed, the consultation can be done and treatment carried out immediately afterwards).

When I talk about systemising and “your process” improvements, what I really want to do is establish the most efficient, fun and profitable way of working.

But with so many activities happening within your clinic in a typical day or week, how do you know which ones are worth systemising? You don’t have to know because I’ll tell you everything in the Katy Jobbins Masterclass.

I'll tell you in the katy jobbins masterclass

Simple as this… Anything you do more than twice. My way of determining if a thing is worth systemising is looking at how often you perform it. My simple rule of thumb says that If you do something more than twice, you should systemising it without a doubt.

Going that extra mile and doing all of this work may seem a little counter-intuitive to you at first; especially for quick things that only take a moment to do (like sending out patch test equipment in the post, or taking a permanent makeup deposit to book in a treatment).

That's very boring

In a saturated industry like permanent makeup, it’s never crowded along that extra mile.

Once you start adding up the time you spend doing that one thing over and over, it soon becomes a significant amount of your time and that’s very boring.

Also, let me be clear, this is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme.  What I teach is more of a ‘Get Rich Forever’ scheme, by building a long term successful business, which is going to take long term planning and consistent effort and work.

How quick will I improve

The sooner you press play and start watching, the sooner you open the information and start reading, the sooner you start taking action, the sooner you will get the results.

My guarantee … Why Katy Jobbins masterclass loose framework, blueprints, cheat-sheets and formulas work so well.

Money Back Gauarantee for Katy Jobbins Masterclass

I can personally guarantee that these methods work for me so use them and implement them and there is no reason whey they should not work for you too. … they’re my most successful formulas, I’ve trialed and tested them over the last 15 years on my students from every corner of the world and every walk of life. Success formulas are in my opinion the most powerful way to capture and save a working solution.

If you fail to do the work

These formulas will let you repeat these solutions again whenever you like, always with perfect accuracy.

They never fail, there is really only one way that they will fail and that is if they are not applied at all.

You are totally right, believe it or not our brains are actually wired to forget, but there are research-backed strategies that I use to make my teaching stick.

Systemising Your Permanent Makeup Business

All the best teachers have long known that rote memorisation can lead to a superficial grasp of material that is quickly forgotten.
Top tips to preserve the hard work of my teaching and your learning?

Research in the field of neuroscience has shed light on the many ways that our brains are wired to forget—highlighting the importance of me using strategies to help you retain more knowledge and make this learning stick.

In a recent article neurobiologists Blake Richards and Paul Frankland ‘the study of memory’, which holds that forgetting is a process of loss—the gradual washing away of critical information despite your best efforts to retain it.


The goal of this Masterclass is not just to learn and store this information, but to internalise it and to “optimise your decision-making” in quite often a chaotic, high pressure clinic environment, under stressful and quickly changing situations with a lot of money on the table and pressure from your clients.

I give you lifetime access to reduce your forgetting curve so you can learn as you earn. Here’s a few tips…..

As your mentor, what matters most to me is that this information works for you… it’s all about your retention, not just your learning & observing.

It’s about overcoming a phenomenon that is called ‘the forgetting curve’. It’s a real thing, an actual measure of how much you forget over time. In many scientific experiments, it has been proven that without any reinforcement or connections to your prior knowledge, all of this valuable information is quickly forgotten so I’ve built in some extra teaching methods into your Katy Jobbins Masterclass to preserve the information..

I continually study and adopt techniques into my Masterclasses to reduce your memory leaks and hugely reinforce your learning.

I’ve done most of the hard work for you, but here’s some extra tips on things you can do to maximise all of this valuable information over at your end…

You’ll learn to apply the same kind of solutions over and over. My methods force you to think on your feet, and encodes your learning so much more deeply.
I think you’ll be surprised how quickly you can pick this stuff up.

Keeping Up Appearances In Permanent Makeup

I’ve combined videos, interactive worksheet learning, mini masterclass blogs, cheat sheets and eBooks that you can put into action in your own permanent makeup business immediately:  It’s so much easier for you to remember information because it has been presented in so many different ways, especially with visual aids to help organise information and build on what you already know.

I’ve spent many years learning how to get the very best out of you, and my research shows that there are simple and effective little strategies to help make your learning stick and I’ve lovingly applied them all.

Tip1* With your lifetime access you’ll avoid cramming and have time to process and implement everything a little bit at a time. 

Unlike your permanent makeup classroom training, by studying your content over a number of sessions at your own leisure, it gives you the time you need to process and internalise this valuable information.

Research has continuously shown that students who study little and often remember the lessons far better than those who do all of their studying in one marathon 4 day stint and never pick up their manuals again.

Tip 2* You’ll have instant structure and organisation to your techniques and your permanent makeup business

Building blocks of permanent success

You can take advantage of my structuring and organising the Masterclasses that you’re studying. I’ve grouped similar concepts together with just the right mix of technical, practical, inspirational and theoretical, so you can build one on top of another. All you need to do is take your notes and apply them to your permanent makeup business and techniques.

Tip 3* You can add more layers of detail as you go…elaborate and rehearse for your clients

In order to recall information, you need to encode what you are studying into your long-term memory. One of the most effective forms of study is rehearsing the cheat-sheets I have provided for you, you will see in a mater of weeks you will no longer need them at all.


An example of this technique would be to read your permanent makeup cheat sheets, study the definition of each permanent makeup style, and then read and watch a more detailed description of what that style is and who it most suits.

After repeating this process a few times, you’ll notice that recalling the information is much faster and easier, you can use these words effortlessly as if they’re off the cuff in your consultations, on your website or social media content or even chatting with a potential client at a cocktail party, when the opportunity arises.. you’ll be ready and your efforts will never be wasted.

Many permanent make artists benefit hugely from visualising the information. Pay attention to the photographs, quotes and other graphics in your eBooks, blogs and videos. Sometimes even just making flashcards of various steps and processes that you need to remember can help cement this information more firmly in your mind.

Tip 4* You’ll be able to infuse new information to things you already know about permanent makeup.

When you’re studying this unfamiliar material that I am presenting you, take the time to think about how this new stuff relates to what you already know about permanent makeup and dealing with clients. It’s the same material, more advanced, but I’m just tweaking your perspective and giving you more focus.

Very your study routine

Tip 5* Vary Your Study Routine, work at anytime from any place, all you need is an internet connection and we’re good to go.

A great way to increase your recall is to change your study routine.
If you’re accustomed to studying in one specific location of your house or permanent makeup clinic, try moving to a different spot during your next study session. If you study in the evening, then try spending a few minutes each morning reviewing the information you studied the previous night. Build it into your existing routine so that it becomes a habit. I love to recap as I’m doing my makeup in the morning.

By adding an element of novelty to your study sessions, you can increase the effectiveness of your efforts and significantly improve your long-term recall.

Tip 6* keep in touch… I LOVE a success story

You deserve your dreams, let me know how these methods are transforming your permanent makeup business and what other learning materials I can help you with. The chances are that if you’re struggling with something then I’ve been through it and come out of the other side (usually after writing a book on it) but I’d love to know if I can help you further.

Talk to me: info@katyjobbinsmasterclass.com

You’ll use these as quick reference whenever you feel the need to “Check-in” that you are doing the right thing, that something is normal or you just want to double check your next step. It’s kind of like having me at the side of you while you are working on your client. Between you and me cheat sheets have been one of my greatest secrets in learning and keeping my s**t together at the exact same time.

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  • Become A Specialist In The Permanent Makeup Field
  • How Many Clients Per Day Or Per Week Should I Be Aiming For And How Long Should I Book Out
  • Building Massive Value For High Paying Clients
  • How To Do Consultations When You Are New To Permanent
  • Makeup And Don’t Have A Big Portfolio To Show
  • Will I Be Successful?
  • How To Tell A Client You Cant Work On Her
  • Understanding The Booking Cycle…A Process That All Clients Go Through
  • The Only 2 Permanent Makeup Business Strategies Get Rich Quick Or Get Rich Forever
  • Make Your Consultations Free
  • Why Are Some Technicians Fully Booked At A Higher Price Than Others?…
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  • Benefit Of Training Here… Small Technical Videos To Help You With Your On-Going Abilities
  • Don’t Be Scared Of The Word Marketing… It’s Easier And More Fun Than You Think
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  • An Example Of Brands That Are Great At Cultivate A Feeling
  • An Insight And Example Of Our Permanent Makeup Training Online Statement
  • Before You Put Together Your Permanent Makeup Brand… Create Your Online Statement For Your Marketing Collateral
  • Branding In A Nutshell
  • Consistent Spells Legitimate For Your Permanent Makeup Clients… How To Brand Your Before And After Photos To Suit Your Website
  • Colour Psychology For Your Permanent Makeup Branding – Which Colour Brings On What Emotion For Your Clients?
  • How Are You Going To Show Up? Do You Match Your Brand Identity? Be A Walking Advert
  • Fashion Comes And Goes But Human Nature Never Changes… That’s Why We Like A Good Story
  • How To Build Stories Into Your Permanent Makeup Branding To Create Trust And Credibility
  • How To Build An Epic Permanent Makeup Identity
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  • How To Double The Impact Of Your Permanent Makeup Story Telling By Adding Visuals
  • Understanding The Booking Cycle…A Process That All Clients Go Through
  • About Me Page… How To Make A Really Good First Impression
  • Why Your Models Are Not Showing Up And How To Fix The Problem
  • What Should I Call My Permanent Makeup Business Name?
  • Why Charging A Low Rate For Your Permanent Makeup Skill Is Not A Good Idea
  • Should I Also Learn Paramedical Tattooing? Will I Get Clients?
  • Pros And Cons Of Upfront Charging Or Splitting The Payment For Permanent Makeup Treatments
  • I Don’t Need To Do Much Marketing… I Only Want One Or Two Clients Per Week
  • How To Gradually Increase Your Permanent Makeup Prices And Still Get Busier
  • Don’t Miss This Massive Trick Like 99% Of Other Permanent Makeup Artists
  • You Have To Speculate To Accumulate In The Early Days Of Building Your Business
  • You’ll Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression, Get This Right
  • Thoughts Become Things…Clients Will Mirror Your Energy
  • Our Worst Fear In Permanent Makeup… A Quiet Diary
  • Learning How To Get Customers Is Not Only Simple But Its So Fun And Quick
  • Massively Expand Your Permanent Makeup Business By Creating Joint Ventures
  • How To Welcome Your Client When They First Arrive For A Consultation
  • If You Want To Be One Of The Most Successful Permanent Makeup Artists… You Have To Think Like A Client
  • How To Make Your Magazine Advertising More Effective
  • How To Up-Sell Naturally To Other Treatments Without Being ‘Selly’ Or ‘Pushy’
  • Eyeliner Easy And Natural Up-sell To Add To Your Pricing Structure
  • Get The Confidence Before You Start Woking On People… What To Do If You’ve Had A Break And Feel Rusty
  • Typical Mistakes That A New Permanent Makeup Artist Makes When They First Start Out
  • Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad On Your Website
  • How To Build Your Name As A Permanent Makeup Artist
  • How To Massively Expand Your Permanent Makeup Business
  • My Secret To Success In Permanent Makeup… Very Low Stress Levels
  • The Real Secret To My Success In The Permanent Makeup Industry… Watch Before Your First Client
  • Why Everyone Thinks Our Videos Are Fake And Why Other Technicians Fail When They Should Have Succeeded
  • How To Build Up Your Confidence After Training In Permanent Makeup

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