Pink Quote MarkI researched day and night. I was very worried I’d spend all this money. Your reviews were positive I thought it was too good to be true. I almost didn’t believe it. I turned up on the doorstep to check she was real. I thought it was all a bit fake. Then when I met Katy we got on so well. That’s what made my mind up.”

Paige, Eastbourne

Pink Quote MarkJust go for it. Kate is the best. I’ve looked around, and I really did look around. It took me 6 months to decide where to train and once I saw Kate I knew it was her. I would recommend her to everyone. I should be giving her some extra money for the patience she’s had with me. “

Clare, London

Pink Quote MarkI saw a clip of her on youtube in an interview. I just really believe in her and thought she was similar to me. I found her quite an inspiration.”

Courtney, Exeter

Pink Quote MarkAfter Watching Katy’s Story, the one where she talks about how she came into permanent makeup and where she started, and that I found so inspiring.

I watched it once all the way through, I made my mum watch it, I got my sister to watch it as well, and she said, ‘I can see in your face you want to go with her’. She was fighting the same battles I was fighting. Knowing that she is human and seeing what she has achieved. I watched Katy’s story & booked the next day.”

Zinny, Mum of two boys, Zumba Instructor, Kent