Pink Quote MarkThe first time I came in I thought, “this is good I could do this”. Each time I came I wanted to do it more and more and more. So I saved & saved and begged borrowed and stole some money (ha ha not really). The training was just amazing…Katy just put me at ease straight away. I really, really enjoyed it. The weeks just gone so quick, I don’t want it to end, I just want to be here all the time.”

Jo, Emergency Services, Sussex

Pink Quote MarkKaty trained my best friend a couple of years ago and she’s doing really well. I wanted to work for myself, do a little bit of extra work, earn a little bit of extra cash and possibly do the two hand in hand. Word of mouth, as soon as I got two people in, it just spread and spread. Before I knew it I was doing two full-time jobs. 8 months after I trained with Katy I decided it was a no brainer to leave my job. I’m fully booked for months now.”

Sian, Health Club Manager, Birmingham

Pink Quote MarkI’ve never been in the beauty industry or thought about it as a career…I looked everywhere online…I was really looking for 1 to 1, looked on many forums and lots of people mentioned Katy…I read all about her and her past and it inspired me and had that real personal touch. She wanted to make her students a success individually….I’ve loved every minute of it, I’d definitely recommend it to anybody, it will be the best decision you are ever going to make. “

Sarah, Marine Biologist, London