I’ve done lots and lots of research on all the forums before I chose to train with Katy. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest, dealing with needles, etc. It’s all gone really well and it’s easy now I’ve got to grips with it. Like anything, you’ve just got to get used to it. Katy has been so supportive and encouraging the whole way.”

Sophia, Mum of 3, Birmingham

Pink Quote MarkNo beauty background, I was a school receptionist. It’s been amazing. I’ve got lots and lots of clients booked and loads came through recommendations from previous clients. I’ve got my own clinic now and a beauty therapist I worked on called to tell me that 2 excellent beauty therapists told her that my work was the best they had ever seen.
Exciting times…”

Julie, Mum of 2, Shropshire

Pink Quote MarkMy background has been in foster caring for 12 years. I came across PM after a dog attacked my face. I had countless plastic surgeries and had all my own permanent makeup done. I liked what I had so much I decided I wanted to become a PM technician myself. It’s in my nature to help people. I wanted 1 to 1 training with Katy to really nail the techniques down.”

Gemma, Mum of 3, Kent

Pink Quote MarkIt’s amazing now because I work on 4 or 5 clients a week, I get my mum to look after the children whilst I do clients and I plan all my appointments around my children & school hours and so I get to pick them up & drop them off every single day. If I was working full time I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Emma, Mum of 3, Bristol

I don’t know how you do it. I’m absolutely exhausted. I’ve had 8 clients over the last 10 days and I’ve got another 14 booked over the next 4 weeks. I’m already charging full price. I’ve got more cash in the house than I know what to do with. I’m running out of teapots and sugar tins to stuff it all in. I’m tired… So so tired, I only wanted a part-time job to fit around the kids.”

Nicole, Mum of 3, Kent