Pink Quote MarkI’ve been working heavily in the TV and Film industry. It’s a completely different environment. I was away on location for months on end. I couldn’t take my son as it’s 20 hour days. I can earn the same money in permanent makeup. If only I knew about this 18 years ago. I’d recommend this work to anyone in the film industry. It’s ideal to fill in the gaps. I’ve looked around for 3 years. I was very overwhelmed by Katy’s experience. Very professional. Her technique is natural, simple, not too scientific. Magical first day. I’ve learned loads. Her training is so unique.”

Louise, Celebrity, TV & Film Makeup Artist

Katy just hits you with her own style, like a magic wand and you walk out feeling really confident. This is a refresher course I needed to do. I think that anyone who’s trained in the past can still learn more each time you come because Katy is constantly ongoing in her training. She’s constantly researching new machines & new needles and constantly learning. I have learned so much, I feel like I’m raring to go again.

I have learned 3 new brow techniques with Katy with a new machine that simplifies things so much. Katy gets straight to it and shows you the A, B & C, hands-on straight away which does wonders for the confidence.

I would definitely start with Katy because she’s got so much experience, had a whole bunch of people come from different backgrounds and retrain so she can definitely give you the right advice.”

Jan, Paramedical & Reconstructive Tattooist

Pink Quote MarkIt’s been absolutely amazing… Unbelievable actually. The one to one training drew me to your company and the amount of experience Katy has. The way you presented yourself was really straightforward. What you see is what you get. Other companies were not that straightforward. I am just thrilled that I made the right decision.

Katy really explains everything so perfectly. My course was greater than any expectations I ever had. I learned so much and would recommend you to anybody. I flew from Croatia and it was really worth the trip. You’ve taught me so much, not just about techniques, but about marketing and other stuff I didn’t even think I was going to learn.”

Manuela, Spa Owner & TV Eyebrow Expert, Croatia