Pink Quote Mark I was crying because I was so upset to be leaving. Having 4 days here is quite a powerful thing. I had every emotion going. I just want to get started. 5 Months on … It has been amazing! ” … Every person I’ve done I’ve put on Facebook and then they share it and their friends share it. I am just so busy now.”

Zinny, Mum of two boys, Zumba Instructor, Kent

Pink Quote Mark My goal was to work for myself and have more quality time with my daughter, be my own boss, work as hard as I want, be around more for my friends & family and just to have more balance in life. I was always too frightened to make that change. The goal was to leave my job within a year of training. I did it well under the year. It worked and it was amazing.”

Emma, Beauty Therapist, Surrey

Pink Quote MarkThe week’s been perfect. It exceeded all of my expectations HUGELY. Worth every single penny and every day you can see that you guys are trying to get the best out of me as well …”

Ashleigh, Hairdresser, Devon

Pink Quote MarkAfter 8 months doing permanent makeup, I have the staff doing all the lower end treatments now so my life is getting a lot easier.”

Claire, Salon Owner, Grantham

Pink Quote MarkA number of things drove me to join the permanent makeup industry. I wanted to have my own business, I’ve got a family, 3 children and I wanted to earn a decent amount whilst spending less time working.”

Dr Ellie, Aesthetics Specialist, Reading